Flutter animation tutorial with login page

This is a step-by-step tutorial to reveal to you a straightforward way to include animations in your Flutter App. This post will help you discover the best way to develop animations and fancy aesthetic effects for the widgets in your Flutter App.

There are lots of different ways to create animations in Flutter, and sometimes you see various ways to make the same kind of Animation. You want to animate something in a way that has more controls than using a built-in animated widget.

Overall, there are two kinds of animations in Flutter. Which one to use depends on the Animation you try to make and how you prefer to code and structure your code.

Implicit Animation: it gives you less control, but it’s easier to create by using custom or built-in animated widgets. In Flutter, you can make your own custom implicit Animation.

Explicit Animation: it gives you more control by using animation controllers, but it’s more complex to create. In general, if the Animation repeatedly repeats without stopping or requires control, we use Explicit Animation with an animation controller to create it.

In this  video, I will discuss how to construct a login page interface get more info and include elegant animations.

Here is the Github link for reference:
Below is the YouTube video: